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Spring and Summer 2024

a Spring Equinox Ritual

Thursday March 21, 7pm
Basin Arts, downtown Lafayette

This Ostara equinox ritual, led by WIccan priestess Ciel Dafford, weaves a sacred space with herbal incense, fresh flowers, and the power of the Sun and Moon. Inspired by the myth of Persephone, participants celebrate the balance of day and night. Reflecting on personal and societal healing, they symbolically transform written intentions, fostering empowerment and renewal. Participants share their transformed papers in a collective offering to the healing energies of the Moon. This ritual embraces the emergence from darkness into the light of spring, promoting balance, healing, and empowerment. The ritual is open to all regardless of background or familiarity with ritual. Light refreshments to follow.

Email me for more details!

Intro to Chinese Medicine

Sunday April 14: 11am-5pm
$275; 10 CEUs

In this class we take a deep-dive into Chinese medicine, learning the philosophy behind the medicine, the meridians and points, and how to perform an acupressure massage.

Table Shiatsu

Sunday May 18: 10am-5pm &
Monday May 19 6-8:30pm
$350; 12 CEUs

This two-day intensive teaches students how to diagnose and treat clients using Shiatsu. We cover the philosophy of Shiatsu as a healing medicine, as well as its similarities to Reiki. Students will be able to locate each meridian as well as several key points on each. Students will be able to perform a complete, hour-long Shiatsu treatment. 

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