My philosophy as a healer is to restore balance and to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.

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In every session, I seek to strenghten the weaknesses and energize the stagnant areas of the body, through massage, stretching, breath work, and meditation. No two sessions will ever be the same, as I tailor each session to my client's needs on the day.


By combining my training in Traditional East Asian Medicine with my extensive experience in teaching & practicing earth-based spirituality, I bring the spiritual and the sacred into your everyday life through integrative holistic healing, mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy, unique metaphysical jewlery, and spiritually-guided artwork. No two sessions are ever the same. Whether you come to me for sore muscles or anxiety management, you'll leave feeling better.


I regularly offers courses & workshops to teach others to heal themselves and create meaningful, spiritually-guided artwork both as a therapeutic exercize for myself and for my clients.

I'm a fully accredited professinal member of

the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I studied massage at the Pacific College of Health and Science in Chicago for 3 years, where I trained in Shiatsu, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, and Western massage therapy and bodywork. After graduating from PCHS I was hired by the college as a tutor and Teaching Assistant, until I relocated to the UK where I continue to practice massage and run my Etsy shop.


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Interview with Ciel for The Zen Shop, 2015

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As a young teenager I read "Earth, Air, Fire, Water" by Scott Cunningham, and it forever changed my life. I realized that there were others like me who could feel the energy of the earth around me, and who wanted to connect with animals and trees. I began intensely reading everything I could find on earth and Goddess-based spirituality. At university I studied Medieval literature, and the transition from the ancient pagan world to the Medieval Christian one. While studying, I found a coven, and began training for initiation. Over the next several years, I deepened my commitment to Wicca and the old ways, and read all that I could find. After moving to Paris, France and joining a multi-faith pagan organization, I learned about other pagan traditions and the vast differences between paganism in the USA and Europe. In the years since returning to the USA I have been part of large, public open groups as well as closed covens from Louisiana to Chicago to Mississippi.







Upon moving to Chicago in 2009, I began teaching and training others in Wicca. It was an intense two years of classes and rituals and dedications and initiations before leaving The Circle of the Spirit Tree to found my own coven, The Sacred Circle. The Sacred Circle held monthly full moon meditations, classes and workshops, and sabbat rituals on the beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was among the hardest work but the most rewarding work of my life.


In 2014 I was a presenter at Ringing Anvil's regional pagan Imbolc festival, holding a workshop & seminar on incorporating pagan themes into Reiki Healing.


In 2014 I was a speaker at Chicago Pagan Pride Day, lecturing on the history of Wicca, and forms of ancient magic which influenced the development of Wicca.


In 2014  I moved to England, where I joined the Zen Shop family as a teacher, healer, and tarot reader. I taught a series of workshops on magic, witchcraft, Goddess spirituality, chakra balancing, as well as Reiki level 1-3.


In 2015 I was interviewed by both The Daily Mail and a documentary filmmaker as an expert in paganism and modern witchcraft.





Current Interests and Projects


Now that I have moved to England, I am continuing on my path of teaching the beauty of the Goddess to those who want to learn, and celebrating the turning of the wheel of the year. Currently I'm working on designing costumes for a production of Dracula, and I'm teaching classes for my coven's group of initiates.

I am deeply attracted to the history and myths of Ancient Egypt. I feel a strong connection to Isis, Bast and Sekhmet. I am still eagerly reading up on a dozen or so topics at any one time--currently I'm in love with the history of textiles in the ancient world, and it's connection to magic and women. I'm also intrigued by fairy tales as metaphors for the unexpressed tensions in medieval society. And in another different direction I'm researching my own Norse ancestry and trying to connect to Norse gods and goddesses, as well as learn to read runes.

In addition to my own work, I am a graphic designer and Managing Director for the theatre company Have Bard, Will Travel, headed by my husband and Artistic Director, Paul Jannise.