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Continuing Education


I teach a variety of classes throughout the year, focusing on East Asian massage and philosophy. Many classes are taught on-demand, and all classes are registered with the state of Louisiana for continuing education credit.

Reiki Levels 1-3
$250, 4 CEUs

Learn the ancient art of energy healing in a small group setting. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique which can be a standalone treatment or combined with other treatment modalities. Reiki courses are taught on-demand, in small groups.

Colorful Crystal
Image by freddie marriage

Intro to Chinese Medicine
$275, 8 CEUs

In this class we take a deep-dive into Chinese medicine, learning the philosophy behind the medicine, the meridians and points, and how to perform an acupressure massage.

Table Shiatsu

This deep-dive intensive teaches students how to assess and treat clients using Shiatsu. We cover the philosophy of Shiatsu as a healing medicine, as well as its similarities to Reiki. Students will be able to locate each meridian as well as several key points on each, and perform a full Shiatsu massage.

NEXT CLASS DATE: Sunday June 9 at Benoit Art Gallery

Image by Katherine Hanlon
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