A session dedicated on healing, purifying, and strengthening the energy of one or more chakras. This Attunement will open you up to the abundant energies of the universe, Choose the type of Attunement you are in need of and read more below. 

This session is a Reiki Healing treatment; you will remain fully clothed, resting comfortably with an eye mask for privacy. I will use a combination of crystals dependant on your Attunement.

Reiki Attunement

    • Creativity: A session dedicated on opening and strengthening your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to allow divine insight and inspiration flow freely from the universe to your imagination. Perfect for artists, musicians, dancers, and anyone in need of creativity.
    • Prosperity: Open up to the bountiful and abundant energies of the universe. Release fears and insecurities about money, and gain independence and strength while becoming a magnet for wealth and plenty.
    • Strength: Own your inner strength, and use that energy to get you through stressful times. This session focuses on the 3rd Chakra, your sense of Self, and the centre for physical energy in the body.
    • Love: This sessin focuses on the Heart Chakra. We will work to release old wounds and pain, to experience self-love and acceptance, and open the heart to new love in the future.