A hand-blended selection of magical herbs for love, sensuality, intimacy, and attraction. Inspired by Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of sexuality, attraction, playfulness, and cats. She is the Goddess of romance, flirtation, and passion, and she represents the sweeter things in life. This is a very pleasing blend of herbs that will deepen your romantic connection with your partner, increase your self-love and self-esteem, or help to attract a new partner. This blend can be smoked with or without tobacco, burned as incense, or drunk as tea.

Perfect for a self-love ritual, housewarming or house blessing, or as an extra little gift for your special someone!

A blend of:
Catnip (for love, sensuality, confidence, and attraction)
Damiana (to deepen intimacy, for sacral chakra and tantric experiences)
Lemon Balm (for peace and tranquility, for sweet dreams, and for its lemony flavour)
Passionflower (to heighten physical sensations, to deepen attraction, and for its aphrodisiac qualities)

- Tobacco-Free
- Organic Herbs
- Legal Dried Herbs

I only use organic, high-quality, legal herbs in my blends, so that you can be assured of quality at all times. The blends can be hand rolled or used in a pipe/bong.

Due to the nature of the dried herbs used, it may be necessary to break down some of the larger pieces before using. I do try to minimise any larger sticks in our blends, but sometimes it is unavoidable. A small grinder is useful to have; they are quite inexpensive. Currently I do not sell them, but they're readily availble online or in your local smoke shop.

The Bastet blend is not acceptable for use by pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding, as possible interactions can occur. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of herbal smoking mixes.

Smoking anything is not good for you. While you can lessen your dependence on tobacco by using herbal smoking blends, or use them on occasion for other purposes, smoking is not a healthy practice in the long term. Extracts, teas, and other herbal preparations are more appropriate for general use because they don’t carry the risks that smoking does such as carbon monoxide exposure and tar buildup in the lungs. Some herbs with a historical record of use in smoking blends may be problematic from the perspective of modern safety standards, while other herbs may be too irritating to use or have other contraindications, so it’s also important to make informed decisions about which herbs are included in your herbal smoking blends. These herbs have been researched and found to be safe for consumption via smoke, but please consult with your doctor for anay health questions or concerns. The metaphysical claims have not been reviewed and are for entertainment only.

Bastet herbal smoking blend/incense for love, sensuality, and attraction