Intuitively Guided Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

When you have a difficult choice to make, or when you find yourself at a crossroads and needing direction,
that's the perfect time for a reading. 


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I am currently available for readings online

by appointment only.

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information & booking details.



I read cards, using a combination of Oracle and Tarot, to bring

clarity and guidance to your life.

This combination of oracle and tarot reading gives great insight into your situation.

We can examine the past, present, and future, the energies surrounding you, how they're impacting you, and how you should move forward.

Getting a professional tarot reading can help to inform choices regarding relationships, work, health, or any situation you find yourself in.

We will explore your motivations and your deepest fears regarding your situation. We will examine all sides of your issue using tarot and oracle cards, as well as the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Together we can find a path that's right for you!

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