Spiritual Development workshops & Wiccan training courses

Intuitively Created Artwork, herbal incense, Crystal Elixirs, and

Ritual Tools.

Did you know I

officiate weddings?

I would be honored to create a ceremony for your wedding. I will craft a blessing and ritual specifically to your requests, incorporating any religious or family preferences.

Since 2013 I've been writing, creating, and officiating both spiritual and secular weddings & handfastings. In the US I am ordained as clergy and can perform legal marriages. In the UK I can officiate the ceremony but you will need a registrar for your legal paperwork.

I create beautiful, one of a kind spiritually-driven pieces using the principles of Crystal Healing, Mandalas, Sigils, & Talismans to meditate and invoke energy and

bring the Sacred into your everyday life.


I make organic herbal incense, esssential oil blends, crystal elixirs, and a variety of spiritual items to enrich your life and home.

I make art accessible for everyone, regardless of religious or spiritual practices, using genuine crystals, organic essential oils and herbs, Reiki energy, and the pure light of the sun, moon, and stars.



I am happy to make a custom Ritual, or piece of Artwork for your specific needs. Please email me for more information.

Check out some of my recent work:

packaging example small
I've been playing with labradorite lately... layering necklaces, earrings, and more coming soon
May's mandala is finished! Well, the finished version has a Rumi quite..
#workinprogress Isis, Aset, Goddess of 10,000 Names, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Magic  Malachite, Carn
The Etsy shop is finally back open! Jewellery is back in stock, and in a few weeks I'll have sage sm
I have _so much_ crystal jewelry pieces that aren't yet on Etsy. If you see something you like, mess
A close-up of September's mandala
Almost done! A #mandala coloring page for my Patreon subscribers
photo 1
Sacral Chakra mandala
Bespoke talisman and sigil
Abundant Life earrings
Custom sigil
Quartz Athame
Sacred Waters: Blessing
Chakra Balancing Earrings
Amethyst, Quartz, Hematite
Sacred Waters: Brigid
Ritual Incense
Triple Moon sacred art
The Star oil
Sacred Artwork
Smudging Wands
Root Chakra Mandala
Set of 3 bespoke talismans & sigils
Amethyst & Hematite necklace
reiki stones
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Triple Moon sacred art