I teach a wide variety of workshops, courses, and seminars, everything ranging from mindfulness meditation to makng aromatherapy products to chakra balancing and sigils.

because of the pandemic, i am now offering most workshops online.

Current Videos & Guides

Available now on Patreon:

Setting up an Altar

Casting a Circle & Creating Sacred Space

Beltane Magic & Lore


coming soon:

Moon Magic

Litha, Solstice Magic & Lore

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Elemental Deep-Dive: Air

Elemental Deep-Dive: Fire

Elemental Deep-Dive: Water

Elemental Deep-Dive: Earth

Tarot Deep-Dive: Suits, Arcana


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View the gallery of previous workshops and courses:

Art & Spiritual development-1
A series of classes using art to deepend and strengthen your spiritual path.
body mind spirit fair
A gathering of holistic health practitioners, with tarot, reiki, crystal healing, massage therapy, and yoga
New Moon Moot
Come celebrate the New Moon in Sagittarius next Friday at our moon moot.
Sigils, Talismans, Amulets
Making magic! Action shot from my workshop on making Sigils, Amulets, and Talismans
Making Mandalas
Learn how to create your own mandalas, and how to use them for meditation and manifestation.
Chakra Balancing
Visuddha ("purity"), the Throat Chakra. Week 5 of my Chakra Balancing Course.
☽○☾ The Goddess Circle
We meet monthly for rituals, spell work, guided meditations, and discussions about magic, witchcraft, and Wicca. Exploring Goddess spirituality and magic.
April full moon moot!
We'll celebrate the return of warmth & sunlight & fertility with a full moon blessing ritual.
making Magic perfumes and potions
Where magic meets aromatherapy. Perfume can be so much more than a pretty smell!
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